20 before 20

My 19th birthday was last week. I honestly cannot wrap my head around the idea that I’m a mere 12 months from being in my TWENTIES. It’s a little frightening. Oftentimes I still feel like such a child. Nevertheless, in the spirit of starting a fresh year full of exciting opportunities on this beautiful, crazy planet we call Earth, I’ve decided to make a list of 20 things I’d like to accomplish/do before my 20th birthday next March. Half bucket list, half New Year’s resolutions, here’s my 20 before 20 list:

1. Run a 10k race before the end of fall semester and start training for a half marathon in the spring

2. Visit two national parks

3. Summit Mount Mitchell (the highest peak east of the Mississippi River!)

4. Visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina 

5. Visit a new state

6. Spend an afternoon at the Civil Rights Museum in Greensboro, NC

7. Walk the entire Freedom Trail in Boston

8. Make time for daily meditation, prayer, and journaling

9. Become a member of the Southern Historical Association

10. Language acquisition: maintain my Spanish, continue learning French, and consider learning German

11. Make a proper pair of jean cut off shorts

12. Learn how to tie dye using real dye (not just those silly kits)

13. Learn more about my camera (I have a Nikon D3100) and become a better photographer. Also, take photos more often

14. Blog more regularly

15. Reestablish my relationship with the mandolin: practice, learn new songs, maybe even bring it to school next year?

16. Apply to be Managing Editor of my university’s undergraduate research journal

17. Acquire an Undergraduate Research Fellowship

18. Spend an entire day without using any technology whatsoever

19. Go kayaking

20. See a drive-in movie


There you have it! Some silly things, some serious things, but all things that will (hopefully) be crossed off this list in a year’s time. 


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