“It was November–the month of crimson sunsets, parting birds, deep, sad hymns of the sea, passionate wind-songs in the pines. Anne roamed through the pineland alleys in the park and, as she said, let that great sweeping wind blow the fogs out of her soul.” – L.M. Montgomery, Anne of the Island


A Reader’s Digest Account of Autumn

Such a shame that I’ve already become abominably unreliable about posting regular entries here. I promise to be better in the future! This fall has been chock full of all sorts of exciting adventures and experiences. Instead of writing a lengthy post about each occurrence, I’ll give you a brief recap of the past few months.

In late September a few friends and I went apple picking (a quintessential New England activity) in a small town west of Boston.

My roommate and I made an impetuous trip to Salem, MA on a crisp, sunny, Saturday in October.

Also in October, a few friends and I journeyed to New Hampshire where we summited Mt. Monadnock with our university’s Geology Club.

On October 27 it SNOWED! My first experience with October snow was absolutely delightful. The white stuff didn’t stick around for long, but it was joyous while it lasted. (Apologies for poor photo quality)

Halloween (my least favorite holiday of the year) brought more snow (!) and an opportunity to devise a witty costume. My friends and I went as Ctrl, Alt, Del, the classic keyboard command.

Here’s a continued list of fall activities that are unfortunately unaccompanied by photos:

  • I visited the Boston Museum of Science, where I rode a Segway for the first time (what an exciting and simultaneously terrifying five minutes).
  • I rode the T for the first time since 2000! Boston’s public transportation certainly leaves something to be desired, but it has its charm.
  • I consumed my first cannoli at the famous Mike’s Pastry in the North End. So decadent, so delicious.
  • I attended a professional performance of Candide (for free, I might add)
  • I watched the Boston Symphony Orchestra perform (also for free) an all-Brahms program and marveled at the ornate beauty of Symphony Hall.
  • I visited the New England Aquarium, where I coveted a countless number of adorable penguins and timidly touched a stingray (so slimy…)
  • I got conjunctivitis (in layman’s terms: pink eye) for the first time! A nasty cold also took up residence in my body roundabouts the same time. Being sick at college is terribly undesirable, although the nurses in the infirmary are quite friendly.

So that not one little piece of living is ever lost

I have an irrational fear that I will forget everything that has ever happened to me. I am terrified of losing memories and experiences and want desperately to preserve every taste, sight, sound, sensation, and thought. As a child I kept a thorough journal that documented even the most mundane aspects of my life, but with every passing year the entries became more sporadic and hastily written.┬áIn the spirit of being a mental pack-rat, I’ve decided to create this blog in hopes that it will serve as an archive of my mind and of my life – a way to eternally hold on to every little piece of living.

“Dear God, let me be something every minute of every hour of my life. Let me be gay; let me be sad. Let me be cold; let me be warm. Let me be hungry…have too much to eat. Let me be ragged or well dressed. Let me be sincere – be deceitful. Let me be truthful; let me be a liar. Let me be honorable and let me sin. Only let me be something every blessed minute. And when I sleep, let me dream all the time so that not one little piece of living is ever lost.” – Betty Smith, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn